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    Production Line

      Now KONNWEI® has been a global outstanding brand with good reputation due to following aspects:


    1-Advanced STM Automatic patch production line imported from Japan, Panasonic automatic production, test and assembly lines etc.

    2-With the capability of producing various electronic devices from STM Patching till the production of qualified products.

    3-Professional technicians, the ability of design, R&D, production of auto diagnostic tools, strictly follow ISO9001, domestic and international quality standard.

    4-Firm motto for KONNWEI team - “Self-improvement, perseverance, innovation, pragmatic effectiveness”

    5-Staff-oriented belief: Outstanding staff is the greatest fortune for a company, as well as the intrinsic motivation for continuous development.

    6-The efficient work, high quality products and sincere customer-centered service won KONNWEI worldwide good reputation.



    Shenzhen Jiawei Hengxin ( Konnwei ) Technology Co.,Ltd









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